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I think they do yeah - Sultan was his mentor. But other than a concentration on suburbia, they are coming from different places - even on a superficial level. It's like comparing Adams to Weston.
But having a vaguely similar style is a little different to copying concepts, series themes, and seeking out exactly the same subject matter. This person is intentionally getting inside Hido's head - aesthetics and concepts - as a means to produce work that has some depth. What I find troubling is that he's clearly trying to kid naive Flickr viewers into believing this is original work. If this work was displayed before the public, in print, I believe he'd run into problems. But... isn't it on public display on Flickr? More people might view the work there than any short run exhibition. This is what I'm trying to get at, I believe those images are walking an intellectual property tightrope.
Why does this matter so much, anyway? If this guy's riffing on Hido, it won't be first time it's been done. Has Hido retained you to file suit?

The link between Sultan and Hido is a bit more intimate--and obvious--than you're arguing, sorry.