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Been lurking for a while, and also posted in a couple of threads, but thought maybe a proper introduction is in order :-)

I'm an amateur photographer from Sweden, shooting mostly street. Until a little over a year ago, only digital (Nikon DSLR).

Was living in Kiev, Ukraine on and off, little over two years in total over different periods (and still go back to visit at least once / year), and while living there, fell in love with old Soviet cameras.

My first camera, a present from my girlfriend last year, was a Kiev 3a. Now I have five Soviet cameras, out of which I use four (the Kiev, a Fed, a Moskva-4 and a Lomo Smena - my Zorki is in desperate need of service).

I have access to a complete dark room through a photo club where I am a member, but mostly, I use a hybrid workflow where I develop the negatives and scan, however, my long term goal is to learn how to properly make dark room prints.

Anyways, since a picture says more than 1000 words and this forum is about photography after all, I won't bore you with more words. Instead, I will let three of my photos present me, and my style of shooting, further.
A warm welcome from another Soviet camera user (1939 FED1, FED 3 , Zorki-Zorki)!