Let me preface my remarks with a disclaimer: I am a cheapskate (a yankee, as we say around here) and I get most of my gear for darn-near free. It just takes some patience.

As a short term, quick-and dirty solution to lensboards for that camera, they can be made from masonite or even black foam-core board. I do it all the time to test lenses. If you have to buy another lensboard and the shutter/lens combination, you're talking $75 plus shipping, right? I would look locally for a Tessar type lens in the 135-170 mm range in shutter. You can probably find one without too much trouble. A Tessar-type is a good, all-around lens design made by just about everyone and his brother. Ilex, Wollansak, Zeiss (of course), Bausch and Lomb, the list is almost endless and most will be decent, serviceable lenses to get you going. I also wouldn't sniff at the prospect of putting a Rapid Rectilinear (RR) or triplet from a 3A folder, as has been suggested. Lots of really fine photographs have been made with those lenses and they often go unloved at flea markets and antique stores.
What Chris is offering is a good price, don't get me wrong, and he is being quite honest about what the lens is. I just think a little local conversation might get you a better all-rounder for about the same price.