Very long-serving XAs are not the exception, but the norm. My long-time cycling friend (we first met in 1979) had an XA that lost functionality of the shutter release button, becoming progressively more awkward to fire. He bought it in 1980 I think, when he was a uni student just starting cycle touring, and it was in use until 2007 when I last saw it with him in Adelaide. I admired the fact it was battered, scratched, dented but otherwise flawless of optic, just that repair of the shutter button was said to be uneconomical/unrepairable. The flash still worked. By my and his own estimate, the XA was in use 27 years and countless, countless rolls of his favourite film, Kodachrome 25, sometimes Agfa 100 and latterly Fuji Provia. He favoured slides for reproducing the images of his cycle touring trips in his books. Never mind, there are still plenty of super trooper XAs out there just waiting to be picked up and mollycoddled or taken on trips with adoring owners!