I was thinking maybe the Omegalite-D doesn't have the most even light distribution, so I had my eye out for a grid lamp.

Just got a new arrival - Aristo cold light head (thanks Art!)...

I added an opalite piece of glass I'd had cut for the D-II many years ago.

Cleaned up the unit and added a cds sensor so I can connect it to my ohmmeter like I did with the Omegalite-D. The banana plug sockets I had on hand were gold plated speaker jacks I'd planned to use at a friend's house but never got around to it. So this is looking first-class.

Rewired it like my electrician friend would like it. Added a grounded cord, screwing the ground wire firmly to the case.

Now I don't know why I didn't measure first and wire second. But after bolting the new head onto the enlarger and checking how well it aim... I go to run the wire to the Omega A-R-T timer... Guess how short it was...

So now I am going to have to make a one-foot extension cord.

Thinking I'll do it up right, and the Omega A-R-T is only two-prong... I am going to run a ground from the wall (verified grounded) to the enlarger. Then I can ground my new three prong cord and run a two-prong into the timer.