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Is it just me or are the Yashica Rangefinder Cameras really sexy? They look so good. Every time I see one I want to hold it.

How do they handle? Any experiences out there?
No, it's not just you, they are sexy as hell! My favorite (so far :P) is the Lynx 5000, 45mm 1.8 lens, it's a fantastic low-light street shooter. Not that I've had a chance to do much street photography over the past couple years, but when I lived closer and spent a lot more time in the city it was my everyday carrier. I love how quiet they are (I guess as you'd expect from most manual rangefinders). I haven't been able to find a battery for mine for about 5 years, I haven't bothered since sunny16 and a good guess work well enough for what I use this camera for, but when the meter was working, I really loved the meter display on the top of the body, it meant I could shoot from the hip, AND know my exposures were spot on.

Sexy, sexy cameras. One day I'll find a 14E at the right price to add to the collection.

What do you have?