Hello everyone, I'm Jason and I'm 22.

Back in 8th grade I took a photography class and loved working in the darkroom. I still have some of those prints, actually. Since that class I hadn't taken any photos, digital or otherwise. At the end of last year I got back into it and now I remember why I liked that class so much. A girlfriend had almost everything we needed except the chemistry. My father and his father are both into photography as a hobby so I got a camera and lenses from my dad, too. Since then I've been doing some developing and a little printing in my makeshift bathroom darkrooms.

I like to shoot almost anything. Sometimes I just go downtown and see what's going on and other times I see something around the house. My favorite film is Fuji Acros, with Fomapan 100 and Efke/ADOX close behind. I'm looking forward to developing E6 and C41 at home soon and I've shot some Velvia 50 and T64.

I'm here to learn. I feel like I've learned so much and improved a lot, but everyone here shows me there's definitely still a lot left to learn.

The color photos are from my first roll last year. Ritz Camera color neg 200 exp. 2005. The black and white is a test print on Neopan 400 in xtol.