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It only matters in so much as intellectual property is something that can potentially effect all of us putting our work out there. It's a bigger problem for establishing artists of course, and it's a little scary to think that when concepts mark so much photography today, those who are developing ideas have to be extra brave when presenting their work online.

We're not talking about a landscape photographer simply stealing another photographer's 'views' here, but something that can only be imitated with a clever psychological appropriation of a concept and personal vision - and the good fortune of seemingly living in the same place Hido made his work. I find it a little scary that anyone can have the capacity to do this. We all imitate to some extent of course, but we move past it after a few images. To maintain that imitation for three series worth of a photographers work, using the same tools and materials and hiring models that suit 'the look', I find, quite worrying.

No need to apologise for your reading of the Sultan/Hido connection.
No apology offered, just an admonition to see Hido's work relative to Sultan's and this dude's relative to Hido's. Who really cares about the nature or extent of the copying if it's costing Hido no sleep--which I suspect it isn't. The copycat's work isn't so much inspired by Hido as burdened by it. Don't make his obsessive hell yours. Walk on.