I printed my postcards long time ago and then when I finally wanted to send them off I did not like them anymore. So they went into the trash - no pinhole from my this time.

Yesterday I printed again and I will have some time over the weekend to write them. They will go to the postoffice on Monday.

So far I received cards from

Oxleyroad - I always like to get cards from infrared film because I have not done this myself but do find it very interesting to see how things render in the infrared spectrum of light.

J Rollinger - A nice street photograph of Michigan Avenue and I think one can walk around in the image. Like it.

George Nova Scotia - What a calm image and ... infrared. Thanks!

drpsilver - An image I might have taken myself if I were there. I like the lowered contrast in the unsharp background compared to the high contrast of the foreground. Like it, but what is it?

mooseontheloose - What a moving image!

Mike Wilde - Another threepack. And another paper surprise. I do not know where you get your hands on all those old papers ... l like all three images.