Bob, I have to apologize my friend, I could have went another direction on it. We film users have to band together and one of the big problems I see right now is the language we use to describe the current state of affairs with film.

Ten years ago, my seasonal town of 5,500 people had two full service labs that did both E6 and C41 up to 8x10 sheet film. So I have adapted...but the public's perception that you can not even buy film anywhere just kills me, so I am sensitive about it.


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PKM and Roger, sorry if I touched a nerve. It was not my purpose to upset anyone, and yes, the title could indeed mislead the uneducated that may find this forum.

I must say that when I was starting this thread I was very emotional about this. I guess I am experiencing what many of you have already gone through and I have had my eyes closed about it. Most of you are already developing your own film (first try should be this weekend) and doing as much as you can at the house, then and only then do I see sending anything out. It is dissappointing that this is the state of film photography in our country.

I did check the fridge last night, I still have a good number of rolls of porta (35mm and 120) still in there. Going to try and see how much I like (or can live with) Kodak Gold. Will wait until cooler weather to order film from the internet guys.

Bob E.