Just found this website. http://www.spectrum.kiev.ua/catalogue/?class=DY Spectrum Info - Fine Chemicals in Kiev, Ukraine.

Spectrum Info Ltd. is a private company focused on laboratory scale synthesis of fine organic chemicals and combinatorial building blocks. We provide rare and commercially unavailable compounds for research chemists worldwide. Our office and laboratory facilities are located in the Institute of Organic Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev.

About 500 synthetic dyes of various classes covering the absorbance range 350-1100 nm are presented in the product list. Specialty dyes catalog includes laser dyes, fluorescent probes, dyes for WORM disks production and electrophotography, silver halide sensitizers for visible and near IR region, and indicators.

Seems promising. I haven't identified any sensitizers yet, but searching "cyanine" brings up 26 hits.