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If you are running 3 prong why are you making a 2 prong for the timmer? It defeats the reasojn for 3 prong, grounding.

Also since it is a wet area, consider using a ground fault recepticle on that line?

THe water went out because you grounded the line!

Good one paul ron!

It was a night filled with the sounds of jackhammers and generators.

Dreamed I went to Las Vegas and was shooting a beater custom Rolleiflex with eye-level finder modified to make 22 movie frames on 120... dream included its user manual with cinematography tips. Some people didn't like being filmed, and sometimes the camera jammed or the winding spring ran down too fast. Darned detailed dreams, my wife's seminar had been canceled at the last minute because the speaker had something better to do. I was considering giving an impromptu photograpy presentation but didn't have any slides and I even if I had one, I wasn't about to use a memory card with a powerpoint presentation...

Finished the grounding... and coincidentally the water's back on.

If you hadn't written this post I would have done a half-baked job. So thank you.

I found another two-prong socket, I hadn't used the last one. I have grounded the stainless steel sink, the stainless steel timer shelf, the Omega A-R-T timer case and the Aristo head. But I had to run two wires for the missing 42 inches from timer to enlarger plug.