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<expletives> I told you that the MP-4 Copal Press shutter is a #1 shutter. I have a couple of them. I've had three 135/4.5 Tominons. I have the documentation too. <more expletives>

You've earned whatever misfortunes come to you.

Dan "ask the man who has one" Fromm
<expletives> I asked Chris, the gentleman with the lens I might buy, to measure the size of the mounting ring. It measures an inch and a half. An inch and a half is right in the middle of Copal 0 and Copal 1.

I'm not buying a lens board before i see the lens and know for a fact it's Copal 0 or Copal 1.

I don't understand why anyone who doesn't take your word as gospel is earning whatever misfortunes arrive?