Sorry I haven't been very active in this thread to date. Here's an update of cards received so far:

piu58, simmer house. Lovely detail of the structure. I like the shadows, the structure of the wood, and the print as a whole. And the short history lesson, of course.
J Rollinger, lovely cityscape shot of Michigan Avenue. Lots of things going on, lots of things to see.
mooseontheloose, absolutely a beautiful shot and print of a great structure. Stunning.
Oxleyroad, the back garden. I'd say your first foray into using IR film is a success!
drpsilver, corrosion happens, lovely contrasty print, nice structures.
George Nova Scotia, Truro Reservoir. Tranquility is what comes to mind. A calming scene with a nice IR effect.
JimO, Empire State from Brooklyn Bridge. Only the former landmark stands out. But then again, it *really* stands out, that's the special thing about this shot.
BoxBrownie, abandoned car, clearly abandoned more than a few days ago. At least the steering wheel is on the right (as in: correct and as in: opposed to the left) side.

Great postcards so far.
I'm still in the process of selecting a negative (maybe it even turns out that the shot still has to be taken), so I would strongly, strongly advise not to hold your breath while waiting for my cards, I'm sorry to say.