PMK....Wow I had no idea that Aspen had THAT many labs up there in the first place. No harm my friend. You can count on me as one of your film friends. All of us on this forum I am finding out are all brothers-in-arms regarding the future of film on planet earth. Yes, we may not always say it right, but I think we all are so committed to keeping film alive AND growing it so others can see the power, enjoyment, and satisfaction that film photography can bring to life and to one's life, that we sometimes forget we are all in this together!! I know I did until you reminded me.....thank you.

So it seems I am going through what you have gone through ten years ago......that is what is so amazing to me, to see the huge difference in the whole way we have to operate today getting our film in the first place and getting it processed in the second. In the case of Oklahoma City, there was a big pop around 10 years ago after 3 of the 4 big photo houses here closed. We still had Epperson here to handle all our needs, no matter how small or how big a customer you were. Guess I had not realized the impact when the pro guys went digital, THAT's what put a significant hurt on the film processing business here, then the gradual sales decline as average consumers (like me) gradually started doing digital and using inkjet to print.....I was NEVER satified with any of my digital results for over 10 years.......thank goodness I wised up and came back to film. Best decision I have made in a long, long time.

I think I actually may have the guys in Norman Oklahoma's little photo place (who still sell film and a good variety of it) to actually start to process film the old fashioned way. They were very interested how I was going to develop film at home. The cost of leaving their one C-41 machine on 24/7 just for one or two rolls a day doesn't make sense BUT they aren't keen on wanting to send out something they could do.....two rolls a day.....that is manageable for them to keep doing as a SERVICE for their customers. Good for them. Plus, I think if the impression if I wanted say 10 rolls of HP5 in 120 and they didn't have it, they would order it in for me..... I just need to "alert" them what I need.

So I am feeling much, much better about life and film in general now......

Bob E.