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Mark, I don't see any differences between the XTOL and your concentrate. XTOL is my favorite developer and I am planning to try your concentrate since the concentrate would match up better with the volume of film I get to process. Really great stuff! Keep going!
-- Jason
Jason, thanks for the encouragement! I designed this concentrate for hobbyist-shooters like us who can't use even half of five litres of XTOL in six months.

A few days ago, I said that if Dimezone or Phenidone is mixed in last (instead of first), it starts a reaction that produces viscous cloudy liquid and scale on the beaker. Here's a photo of the scale. Everywhere the stirring rod rubbed the beaker, it started a reaction producing a line of scale.


I suspect the cloudiness and this scale are the same catalytic reaction. Have any of the chemists here seen anything like this?

Mark Overton