I've just joined theforum and just for the record, I'm number 58,870.

I grew up as an analog photographer. You had Hobson's choice when I was a child in the 1960's. You used 35mm or 127 or 120 or whatever, but it was all film.

I can't remember how old I was when I took my first picture (probably between 6 and 8years old), but I remember that it was on Weymouth seafront on the south coast of England. The camera was a black plastic affair made by Kodak. I distinctly remember the yellow backing paper as I watched my father loading it and from memory, I think it was a Brownie 127. This wasn't my first introduction to cameras though. The first object I recognised as a camera was my father's Zeiss Ikoflex TLR and as a child, I used to play with a Mycro IIIa, which I still have in good condition. At 14 I started taking pictures on a regular basis using Praktika MTL3. I was heavily into Kodak Ektachrome in those days. I'd always wanted an Olympus OM2 but couldn't afford it so I had to settle for a lower priced camera instead. So one day, my father and I went into Great Western Cameras in Swindon (UK) and bought a Cosina CSR each. I still have them. They have consecutive serial numbers.

That was it for the next 22 years until I bought a Nikon Pronea S. I took it back to the shop because it wouldn't focus when I turned the focus ring. The assistant switched it on and pressed the shutter button lightly. It made a sort of 'zap' noise and focussed straight away. I'd been turning the zoom ring! Welcome to the world of autofocus.

The Pronea and the Cosina went to the Lake District together, but soon after, I bought a Nikon (F55 I believe), whilst my father had already got heavily into digital. Early in December 2002 he bought an Olympus Camedia C-750 digital. In January 2003 he died. In the morning, my mother pushed the Olympus into my hand and said, 'that's yours'. We went to the coast for the day to make us less miserable and on January 5th2003 I took my first digital photograph of the sunset over the Severn estuary. This is the only photograph I have in commercial use.

I still have the Camedia and having inherited them, the Mycro, both Cosinas and my father's Zeiss Ikoflex. But with time, in 2007 to be exact, I bought a refurbished Canon EOS 20D and was digital from then until last month I bought the Olympus OM2 I had always wanted.

So why the return tofilm?

Firstly DSLRs have a tendency to be heavy and I occasionally, these days, I get knee trouble. Film equipment is often lighter. I'd like a little Olympus OM-D but I just can't afford one right at the moment.

Secondly, I can have all the benefit's of full frame photography for a fraction of the cost of a full frame digital. In fact, it would take me nine years to fund a Canon EOS 5D from savings on film and processing at current UK prices!

But most important is this. I remember looking at some old colour photographs and thinking 'digital could never do this'. I like the way film boosts colours. Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-digital. Digital colour accuracy is phenomenal and it's low light performance even more so. But somehow digital images just lack the sensuality of film.

Even so, later in the year I hope to get that Olympus OM-D to go with the OM2.

But in this household, film is back and back to stay.

Chris B.