I actually think that it's not such a bad thing.

Here's why: There is a limited volume of E-6 sold. Obviously, there is a best seller, a second best and a worst in Fuji's line-up. As such, there is an opportunity to streamline the range. Fuji would have done the due diligence on what sells best, second best and worst. They have simply taken a business decision to remove some of the dying wood. They would have concluded that 100 was the best seller.

It is a far more efficient (not arguing necessarily"better" here; just efficient) business model to only offer one film in E-6 as it reduces variance. And, efficient production models have a greater chance of longevity. You just need to look at Porsche in the 1990s when they basically scaled back to offering only the 911 range to see that this is a proven paradigm.

I think that this decision means that there will be at least one E-6 LF available for a while, yet.