Simplifying my photographic life a bit by selling two compact lenses that cover 4x5", but that I mainly used on my Linhof Tech V 23b.

Linhof Technika selected Schneider 65mm f:8 Super-Angulon in Linhof (Synchro-Compur black face) 00 shutter with the rare dedicated center filter (49mm rear threads, 58mm front threads), leather case for the filter, retaining ring, Schneider front and rear caps. Normal wear and minor for a lens of this age. 00 shutter doesn't have a focus setting, so you need a locking cable release to hold it open on "B" for focusing, and the "B" setting is generally more reliable with a cable release than by actuating the lever. Shutter speeds seem fine. I wouldn't tempt fate by testing the "V" (self-timer) setting on a 00 shutter. CF is clean with one or two tiny bubbles, characteristic of glass of this era.--$300 + shipping

135mm f:5.6 Caltar II-N (Calumet branded Rodenstock Sironar) in Copal 0 shutter in good working order and front cap. Lens has some dust inside, average wear generally, and some previous owner's engraving on barrel of the front cell. Excellent compact normal lens for 4x5". Takes 40.5mm filters.--$275 + shipping

If the buyer wants to use one or both of these lenses on the Linhof Tech V 23, we can put together a package including focus scales, infinity stops, and a 3-lobe cam that isn't serial number matched, but I've tested it, and it's accurate on my camera. If you want to use it cautiously, you could stop down one or two stops from wide open and/or avoid using it at the near end of the range.

I also have other items that may be of interest such as a 49mm metal screw in lens cap, B+W 49mm extra wide rubber lens shade, 40.5mm rubber lens shade, and a stack of 49mm filters with metal end caps. Also a few different lensboard possibilities. If any of these are interesting, let me know, and we can work out a price together with one or both of the lenses.

I can take checks, money orders in USD, and PayPal, combined shipping for all purchased items.