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it really doesn't matter the format, 110 or 8x10, i usually have something in the distance and something in the foreground that i use as zones, and i have a general idea what the DOF of my lens &c is.
nothing really changed for me as i went up in film size, just more stuff to remember to do, ( close lens, make sure dark slide is removed/replaced &c ).

what is it you are having trouble with, locking the focus, the inverted/backwards image ? or just finding something to focus on as an anchor/marker ?

I like shooting portraits with a 25mm aperture. That's f2 on a 50mm lens, f/4 on a 100mm lens, and for a 210mm lens, that's f/8 - for similar depth of field across formats. As soon as I focus a portrait and have it perfectly, by the time I put the film holder in, reset the lens, remove the darkslide, nine times out of ten the picture isn't in focus anymore, something changed in the frame, or the light is different.

If I'm shooting something where people or items move in the frame, I can't see where they are in the frame, ten seconds later when I'm ready to expose film.

Those are the parts that made sheet film completely useless for me, and nothing but a waste of time. Besides, I get almost comparable quality from 120 compared to 4x5 that I really don't see the point. Just a bunch of frustration in setting it up, and time lost - and for what? A lot more money spent per picture, and a very small advantage in image quality...