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... Question, do you folks make a test strip for every image before making a full print ...
Well, actually I do multiple test strips not only one. I usually will guess an exposure, will make a testprint at half of what I thought might be right and in case this does not turn out disastrous I will make one at double the time i guessed. I will dry them both and see if further testing is needed. Once I think I have the exposure nailed, I will make a full size test print. The testprint will show me where burning/dodging is needed and then I will work with test strips of this particular region(s). I usually keep a print map and will piece all the pieces together once I am happy with the results. Might not be the fastest way of doing things and most likely not the most resource aware method, but this rather methodical approach seems to work for me. This being said, I definitely know a few printers who make one strip, one test and are ready for the final image, but I personally don't know anyone who does not do testing at all.
If I reprint a negative, I have my printmap to follow, but I still do testing, since chemicals will be different and maybe the paper I am using will be different.
So long answer short, yes, always make test strips and prints