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I just bought a NOS Bowens 1000DX so I'm not looking any more - unless this seller rips me off too, but they look reasonable (good feedback on sales of multiple $2000+ bits of optics). It ought to be a bit more reliable, though it destroyed my bank balance.

Discoman: I still have what looks like a working power stage from the SQ-600 (it was charging and firing OK) but no controller for it (that bit was kind of burning while powered on so got sent back). It has a commonly-available plug on it with most pins labelled on the PCB so I think I might ask the manufacturer for a service manual or something and figure out how to make my own controller for it, even if it only lets me fire at full power.
You could also try bringing this over to a forum that deals in electronics, someone there could probably create a controller schematic that you could then build. My two cents on that is I suggest getting parts from Jameco, I've had really good luck with them and their prices are amazingly good.