Even when I did not find any technical specs, this might be an orthochromatic film for graphics art.
The film is ultra-hard in contrast comparable to grade 5 or 6. You will not see much grayscale in the resulting picures.
Normally, such film sensitivity is similar to paper. maybe 3-6 ISO.
If your camera or light meter allows 12 or 15 ISO, additional open the aperture 1 stop or double exposure time.
You can process this kind of film under red light and use standard paper developer. But developing times may vary from 1 minute to 4 minutes, depending on the developer. Best will be to develop the film under visual control and red light.
This film seems to be very very old. It is possible that you get strong fog using standard developer.
Very intense agitation during developing is necessary.

Normally, sheet film for graphics does not have marks at the edge. Under red light, the more bright side is the emulsion side.