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You might want to visit those mega stores like Yodobashi and buy some films from those fridges if you have a chance to visit Japan, but while it could be a good pace to just 'visit', never dream of 'buying' films there. I'm sure most people from overseas will be surprised to find out how expensive films are Japan ....

Be sure to bring enough films to shoot when you come ....

Luno - Kanagawa, JAPAN
I feel like that's mostly true here, but it really depends on what you buy.

I cleaned the shelves the other day of Kodak TMax 100 in 120 cause it was about a buck cheaper and available now compared to ordering from BH.

However, sadly the my favorite color neg (Portra 400), I have to buy from the states.

If you didn't take into the exchange rate, most film prices would be the same. Sadly you need to add about 20 percent to your quick math.

I generally only buy film locally impulsively or if I just need it NOW.

It's great to know there are some APUGers in Japan.