Relayer: You can make Kodalk yourself using Mike Wilde's recipe (comes with great explanation! ). The recipe you posted contains salicylic acid which is a mild iron chelate, Ryuji Suzuki uses it in DS-10 to prevent iron catalyzed decomposition of ascorbate.

Mark: Two things.
  • If I compare Xtol to DS-10 in terms of usability, the biggest difference is that Xtol can develop slow films like PanF and TMAX, while DS-10 instructions recommend specifically against using DS-10 with these slow fine grained films. It would be very interesting how MOtol (your version of Xtol) copes with these films. Of course, there are more suitable devs for these slow films, but if one develops a few rolls a year (which is where your dev really shines! ) it may be nice to know that this dev also works for the rare roll of PanF+.
  • While deionized water is easy to get, it would be very nice if your dev could use tap water. Do you think you could add some sequestrants to your recipe? You don't have to worry much about iron with your concentrate, but calcium and magnesium should be taken care of. Calgon and Na2-EDTA should be easy to get, but they will change the pH and this must be accounted for.