I currently have a black and white enlarger that I use regularly -- the Omega B600. It works well enough, but I want to get into color printing this fall.

I've never used a color enlarger, and I have no experience with color heads, beyond what I've read about how they work. Is there anything in particular that I should ask or check (if in person) while shopping for a used one?

I'm looking at two at the moment:

Omega C760 on eBay (includes lens, carriers, timer, drums, etc., all which I'll need)
$200 with free shipping

Beseler 32 CII with color head on craigslist (includes one lens, easel and stand)
$100, local to me

Any thoughts on these? Both "appear" to be in good condition, though neither one looks perfect. I might go take a look at the Beseler this weekend. The auction has a return option if things go really sour, though I'd hate to have exercise it.