Personally, I have no problems pushing Acros to 400.
I do *cough*scan*cough* these mostly though, and they look very normal.

To get this photo this gritty and contrasty, I really had to alter the curve after scanning, because I did have details in the shadows and the highlights and it was much flatter looking (This is from the annual zombie-walk that took place last weekend over here)

This is 35mm

I used HC-110, Dilution B for 10 minutes for this, I've also tried dilution H for 20 minutes with 120 and those also came out very nice.
Negatives to look a tad overdeveloped though (a bit thick), so maybe 8-9 and 16-18 minutes respectively is better.

If you look furter in the album, you'll see how foma creative 200 asa fared (ei 200), much much darker for some reason (HC-110 dil. B for 3.5 minutes as per MDC)