as i said ... i have a yankee roll film tank that is 30+ years old
i didn't know they made sheet film tanks.
reihold also sells drop-shutters that fit right on the front of his lenses.
if they aren't fully available yet, they will be soon. so i wouldn't give up on
his cost effective and great solutions ..

do you have a dollar store/family dollar near you ?
they sell tupperware tubs that easily fit 4x5 hangers
if you are used to deep tanks and hangers just get 3 tubs
fill one with your developer, one with water and one with fixer.
i used a 3quart tupperware container for hangers for a while
before i switched to trays.

do you have a shutter speed tester ? it might come in useful with chris' lens,
(it will need a cla, like most lenses ... )