Thinning out the herd, I'm not shooting 35mm any more.

OM-1n on left-- functions as it should, everything works as it should with the exception of the MLU, only flips mirror half way up, and missing the self timer lever( still works tho), meter is accurate and comes with a Wein cell.-- $45

Winder 2-- functions as it should. -- $30

OM-1n on right-- functions as it should only hiccup is a stiff film advance lever (lack of use?). -- $50

Cimko 28-50/3.5-4.5 (short lens in front) works good --$10

Tamron Adaptall 2 70-150/3.5 macro zoom, sweet lens and mount can be used with other lenses or lens can be swapped to other mounts. Includes both caps, built in hood, skylight 1a filter. --$85

Soligor 35-140 macro zoom. This one will get you in there close!! Excellent glass, both caps, rubber hood. --$45

Soligor 75-260 zoom, great lens, includes rear cap and hard case. -- $45

All prices in US dollars, paypal or USPS money order. Shipping and insurance extra, will ship anywhere.