20 July 2012

Two cards arrived this week. The card from rince is well done. Only when you get up close do you see that it is not "tack sharp". You did a fine job printing this. The other card is form BoxBrownie, subjects like this are filled with possible images. Except for the age of the car it could have been found at many of the ghost towns in California. The perspective you took makes the car "pop of the paper".

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Number four is ‘Textures, shoreline Park’ . This is another gripping image to me. I so love the story telling character of the image and how my mind starts spinning stories around this corroder thing (to me it looks like part of a ship) …
I love how you combined so many different textures. The sand, the stones, the corroded metal, the water and while not clearly visible, the breeze coming from the water. I can almost taste the salty air and feel the sand and the stones underneath my feet and between my toes. Thank you very much for this lovely image. I really think you did an awesome job in interpreting those textures through your print. I hope one day I will be able to actually print tones so well, because to me you just hit the sweet-spot when it comes to the tones you printed, not to dark, not to light and in the right contrast. Awesome!
Dennis, thank you for such a kind and gracious analysis of my print. I am very happy that you enjoy the image so much.

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drpsilver - I like the lowered contrast in the unsharp background compared to the high contrast of the foreground. Like it, but what is it?
Ruediger, it is what is left of a overflow pipe for a small levee on the San Francisco Bay. Unfortunately almost 90% of the natural wetlands were drained for development in the early/mid 1900's.

I am off on vacation to Switzerland (visiting my wife's relatives), Italy (91st birthday reunion for another set of relatives from UK), and Minneapolis (to visit a very sick friend). Will be back in a month, just in time for sign-up for Round #27!