Very good first test. I think you reach a giid starting point.

The thing is you shot a "difficult" scene for a starting point. Perhaps it could be good to try some rolls first on subjects with a good lightning or better let us say with an easiest landscape. In order to have some reference shots.

I think it s the best way to stick with not too many different films and with only one dev. Myself, i decide to stay with diafine and d76, tri-x 135 and f+ in landscape (diafine is easy...)

For your digi workflow, that s true, scan from negs are not wet print but they required (IMO) a "screen dev". It s like if you put all your attention on your negs and then, you enlarge all of them ith a grade 2, same time, no masking etc...most of them will look flat.. For your scans (from negs or positives), hou can also just fix some variables: colors, levels, contrasts & exposure. This is just enough to have a good "screen representation".

The best is if then you make a wet print. Just calibrate your monitor, put your print next to hour computer, and try to go as close as possible to the print.

Anyway, nice starting point. Keep it in a safety place and in few months, go on the same place for the same moment and make a shoot. Just then Compare them.

Sorty for all the mistakes in my words. I am typing from an ipod... Will correct it for sure asap