An LXC was about $4k new, and that was plenty of years ago.
My sinar is of about the same age and price, and the camera body, no lens board, lens, or shutter was $600. I would suggest starting an auction at around $480 for the camera, standards, rail, and back. I have no idea what the lenses are worth, although I would suggest selling them with the camera and boating the price a bit. The view camera with lenses seem to sell a bit more readily, since you can pretty much just go out and shoot once you get it.
Bundling the film holders in packs of two for selling is your best bet. Two is small enough that anyone needing holders will buy them, and anyone needing lots of holders will buy multiple sets.
Put the camera up for auction, but use a buy it now for the holders, with the option that allows you to buy multiple.
Just my two cents.