For those still looking at the thread in advance of coming down: Weather looks great for tomorrow- high 70's and sunny. I have bought chicken for kebabs, some hotdogs and hamburger (not all that much of those), a kielbasa, potato chips, hummus, a case of seltzer/soda, another of bottled water (good for going out shooting, bad for the environment), some beer and wine and basic green salad fixin's. Need anything else? Bring it.

Breakfast at 9 at When Pigs Fly.

For people who haven't been here before: The cottage is at the corner of Perry Ave and Goshen Rd. When you see the fire hydrant and the pedestrian crossing sign, that's it! The driveway (grass) is on Perry. Park along Perry rather than Goshen. Neighbors are all comfortable with lots of cars in the street.