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I have no problem with digital technology, as long as the original capture is on film. This provides the original image has a real physical integrity. There after the means of reproduction and transference is not important.
Well said, Clive. For those who dabble in alternate processes (platinum, carbon, gravure, etc), digital now pretty much offers the only mean of reproduction and transfer, so there isn't much to argue there. Those who do, simply shoot themselves in the foot. I'd consider myself a fool if I stood my purist ground and refuse to print platinum or gravure simply because I don't want to touch digital. I consider myself lucky that technology has offered a way to continue these amazing processes at a quality level that is equal to the analogue ways. More importantly, I see this as a tremendous opportunity to teach the young about various printing processes in a way that incorporates current technologies they can relate to. In turn, that keeps analogue alive and well for those who do not want to embrace digital in any form. Everyone wins.