As for the hybrid world I am unsure about the future in hybrid. How much hybrid is out of necessity because some digital technology simply isn't there yet? 10%, 30%, 90%? What happens when digital capture and output can create a 100% perfect replica platinum or carbon print that is 100% indistinguishable even with a microscope? For example the carbon texture can be replicated with 3D printing technology providing the telltale raised textures. Is it wishful thinking to assume hybrid proponents will remain hybrid when those processes can be done 100% digitally with 100% no discernible differences to hybrid? I know it's not the best analogy but hybrid vehicles are popular right now, and what happens when the battery technology finally comes of age allowing for full electric vehicles? Will anyone buy a hybrid vehicle at that point? What I'm getting at is why is there a hybrid workflow? Is it a passion for the traditional printing methods, or is it waiting for the day digital can actually do it all?