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If you would not mind, please elaborate...I am not clear what you mean..

Also, the main thrust of the new improved carrier is so I have all the decision in cropping, I bet in practice I rarely go the full neg. route...
An old book "Lootens on Enlarging" describes the pictorial darkening of the corners of your prints. Say you took a portrait and the upper-left corner the frame holding the drop cloth shows. With flashing, you darken the upper left corner with maybe 5 seconds of light from an 8-watt bulb as you shield the rest of the print with cardboard. It's like burning but without a negative. No additional detail, it obliterates and plunges that corner of the print to black.

Printing full frame has been done before, so people have gotten tired of it before... I prefer it though I concede it is neither the best route to go nor something anybody should do without thinking it through.