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I found most of the responses intellectually empty. ... I doubt such sentiments will influence Kodak to keep making film.
Kodak asked for people to tell the world why film matters. They didn't say, "Tell us why we should keep making film, because we're just itching for a good reason to turn off the lights!" If someone's response is emotional, then that's their reason for why film matters to them. If it's a technical reason, then that's fine, too.

I'm another social network avoider, so I can't post on that page why film matters to me.

Why does film matter to me? Because it's a physical construct. Its grains are never in the same pattern, much like every snowflake is different. When I use it, I don't need to worry about Moiré patterns. When I use Kodak color film, I don't spend time worrying that the colors are inacurate. I get a reliable result, time and time again. I get more resolution from film than what an 80Mp camera can deliver, at 1/3,333rd of the price. Each photograph results in a physical object which has been proven to last over 100 years, despite radical changes in technology. Film cameras work as long as film is available, and cameras over 100 years old still function beautifully today. When will digital technology match these things? I don't know. I don't care. I have film.