Folks, read post #5 in this thread. In it the OP explained what he really wants to accomplish.

I've been on the fence about the OP for years. On the one hand, he often seems completely insane and his recent posts have been more incoherent than usual. On the other, he isn't a native speaker of English; given how hard it is for native speakers of English to express themselves clearly in their own language, I can only respect him for making the effort and trying to communicate with us in ours.

This thread is a lovely example of one of the reasons why I denigrate bulletin boards. Posters, after the first couple, have responded either to the OP's original post and ignored his second (and so far latest) post, #5, or they're responded to a post after #5. The entire thread, with the exception of the original poster's two posts and one other, is completely off-target and is getting farther from what I think the OP wants to learn. Its appalling.