The guy is asking $650.00 for it. I'm sure he will take $600.00 cash money.

If I was able to examine it and everything looked great as he says and I was able to check the shutter speeds with my shutter speed tester and they were reasonably accurate and I was allowed to check the bellows in a darkened room with my flashlight and the bellows were good, I would buy it for $600.00.

But that's me. I own both a 4x5 field camera and 4x5 monorail. I also own an 8x10 field camera.

There are three main types of 4x5 cameras, monorail, field and press. This is a press camera. You really need to learn about the differences between the three before you decide to buy anything. Just because something is a good deal doesn't mean that it's a good deal for you.

I'm not trying to preach, just trying to help.