Even on cut edges and without sorbitol, there appears to be no signs of delamination or peeling. I'm skeptical... I think it's a trick.. as soon as I coat something important, it will peel!
Chris, put it through some developer and see what happens. The Melinex 535 and the 3M product do not seem to require any sugar alcohol or hardener. IDK if it would work better with those additives.

On another note, the other night I processed some Tri-X in the same plastic tub I used for washing the NaOH treated PET. This was a mistake! PE told me that NaOH was a foggant and I believe that some residual NaOH in the tub got into the water and messed up the Tri-X. Now I haven't used Tri-X in a long time and never in 120, but I don't remember it having a purple frosted base. Fortunately the negs are not important and look usable but word of caution, the NaOH seems t work itself into some plastics and is a b%&$h to get out!

-- Jason