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Can you elaborate on that statement?
This guy's Modus Operandi has become pretty obvious (to me), finally. It is based on suckers (like us) sending him money and then it's all a Gamble whether you receive your product or not. That is not the important part. What's important is that he gets your money.

Here's my Theory: Morgan Sparks is probably a fake name. This Morgan Dude receives emails from prospective buyers and he answers them all in a timely manner. When the money comes in, he then turns around and orders the skin from a Chinese supplier (or Aki, or anyone else). He then doesn't answer emails anymore. Maybe once but that's it. Never twice. Never. He doesn't give a damn about you (and never did). If he gets the skin from his Mongolian or Chinese supplier, then he'll send it to you. If he doesn't get the order, he won't ship your order. And won't refund you. And if you didn't claim your money with paypal inside 45 days then you can kiss your money goodbye. You will criticize him on the net but there's always that next guy that will praise him for his fine product (and which is probably an aki Asahi or the like) because he received it, albeit 3 months later but it's a perfect fit (What'S so extraordinary about being a perfect fit? It has to fit, end of story).

A very small percentage of people receive their orders in a timely time frame. A high percentage have to wait 2 months, a high percentage gets refunded through paypal, and a reasonable percentage simply forget about it and move on (having sold the camera in the mean time).

How insulting can it be: You pay him and he doesn't bother to answer your emails except one, a few months down the road, where he gives you one big lie: "Sorry, death in the family/snowstorm/supplier problems/Whatever. I'm shipping it tomorrow morning" and 6 months later you're still waiting.

And then there is Aki Asahi who thanks you for your business, who gives you a tracking number, who makes sure that you like the product or he'll send you another one for free and who insures the package for full value and if you claim that you didn't receive it within 10 days, he contacts the post/insurance and 5 days later you have a new leatherette waiting for you in your mailbox as well as a notice from your post to contact them to claim the first package that was insured.

Morgan sparks? Cameraleather? I don't believe any of it. "Morgan Sparks" is only a midleman playing with your money and betting that 20% of the orders he gets will be fulfilled, 20% will be refunded and 60% will be forgotten. That's super easy money. Almost illegal.

A moderator will maybe say I'm out of line here. But for the sake of the photographic community, the cameraleather company has to be denounced once and for all. Praise is given to who deserves it and AKi Asahi absolutely deserve it.