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The curves, grain and sharpness are all essentially identical to my eye.
Very nice!
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Ryuji said that APX-100 and Pan-F worked poorly in DS-10. Pan-F is still in production, so I'll order some rolls and try it. Thanks for posting that idea. BTW, I thought Ryuji speculated that the failures were caused by DS-10's low pH of 8.0. I'm running at 8.3, which is a tad above XTOL and the same as D-76, so at least the concentrate won't have problems due to low pH.
Let's not forget: DS-10 also contains a mild silver solvent, TEA. I read somewhere that this, together with long dev times, is the main culprit, why DS-10 doesn't do well with ultra fine grained film stock.
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What problems do dissolved minerals in water cause? A search of apug.org shows some calcium specks on negatives if it precipitated out of solution. Also, folks say that carbonate causes calcium to precipitate, which my concentrate lacks, so hopefully that won't be a problem. My tap water is hard, so I'll try it on test-strips tomorrow.
I'd be afraid of calcium precipitation in any alkaline environment, carbonate or not. There must be a reason why so many recipes contain Calgon and/or EDTA.

PS: If EDTA and Calgon don't want to dissolve in PG under any circumstances, you could always add them to your sulfite component.