I just would like to point out that the fact that film sales of Fujifilm now account for 1% of sales, while in 2000 it accounted for 19% of sales, doesn't mean - as one would instinctively think - that film sales have dropped to 1/19 of what they were, because in the meanwhile sales of cameras have certainly climbed a lot (not very many digital cameras around in year 2000, and not very many cameras sold by Fujifilm in that year either, Fuji never was a big player in camera making before the digital age).

The two data I would be interested in are:
- Is film profitable at the moment? (this information should be in the stock exchange filings, although I agree that the attribution of common costs makes this kind of measures always a bit tricky)

- How much film is sold today by Fujifilm compared to year 2000?