I miss Astia a lot. And I haven't seen Superia 800 or Pro800Z in any format for a while now...
Don't think I'll miss Pro160 if it goes: never liked it for scanning. And Reala doesn't stand a chance against Ektar100.

Provia100F is so close to Astia nowadays in terms of grain that it is a perfect substitute: my carefully collected Astia Neat Image grain samples all match 99%-100% to Provia RDPIII, which is the best proof they are just about the same!

All Provias are sensational slide films, never seen better. Definitely worth the extra moolah. And Superia 400 (Xtra-400) is a sensational colour negative film nowadays. I've got so much stashed away of both, I think I'll run out of places to develop them before I run out!

Long live Fujifilm. Only wish their digital cameras came anywhere near what their film does. Nope, I really don't like that Xpro-1: there is so much wrong with it... But it's excellent if it sells well, it'll help the film side to stay viable.