I have been a Nikon SLR devotee since my black Nikkormat FTn in the 1970-s. I first held an M3 in 1982 and until that point didn't understand the fuss over Leicas. It took me 16 years to find an M3 I could afford. In passing along the way I have been truly impressed by the OM system, the Minolta XM, XE-1/7, Pentax MX, Contax RTS and latterly the quirky original Contax IIa/IIIa rangefinders ( which are so much cheaper and better than Barnack Leicas) If I had to earn a living in analog photography, it would be Nikon and Mamiya RB67... And Linhof in my dreams. Having seen pros using reliable equipment that looks beat, I wouldn't rely on anything else.

That's my opinion which is worth what you paid for it.