My main body is also a Nikon F2.

It seems weird, but I've never used or even held a single Canon, Leica, or Hassleblad. Never used a large format either.

I love my dad's Mamiya MSX 1000, I used to borrow it all the time (it's now dead, unfortunately). I want to buy another one, they're very inexpensive. It has a Pentax screw mount, a match needle meter, a fixed focusing screen with a microprism spot (no split prism), and a cloth shutter. The metering system is a little weird, sort of like a large, off-center spot meter, indicated by a little square in the viewfinder, if I'm remembering correctly. My dad's lenses all have manual diaphrams so you have to open up to focus, and then stop down to meter and shoot, which I actually enjoy.