Since this came out of the 35mm section I will start there. I am primarily a Pentax user. My K1000 gets more use then any of my other 35mm SLRs but my LX runs a close 2nd. If I need something with autofocus then the PZ-1p comes out to play. But I also enjoy Minolta and have several SRT models. In fact I really like the images I get from some of my Rokkor lenses. The 45/2 leaps to mind and my 200mm/2.8. And it is probably the only 35mm I have used where the teleconverter (the 300 S) returns awesome images when mated with the 200. I think that is why I like both Pentax and Minolta. Several of their lenses are very, very special pieces of glass.

If I move to medium format then I am absolutely a Pentax guy because my 645Nii SLR gets more use, by a very large margin, than any other camera I own. IMHO this is one of the best values in the medium format world today and is a very versatile camera. I don't think I have "another" SLR in medium format since all the rest are either rangefinders or TLRs. I guess I could go looking for a Pentax 67 but that probably doesn't count as "other" does it.

(No dear...I am only kidding, I do not intend to go out and buy another camera!)