Hi there,

This is my first post here and my first time developing my own b/w film. In this case one roll of Tmax 400 and one roll of Ilford Delta 3200. I followed the instructions on Ilford's site and am using Ilford developer (Ilfasol 3), Ilford stop bath and Ilford fixing agent. I was careful to mix my solutions properly and follow the developing instructions closely. Dust hasn't proven to be a problem and my negatives are pretty straight after hanging to dry, very little curling at all. However, both rolls of film don't look right when I scan them. The negatives look normal to my eyes but when I scan I get mush, kind of like the watercolour paint effect from Photoshop. Even the grain looks very mushy. The first photo is the Ilford, the second is the Tmax.

Has anyone encountered this before? Am I doing something wrong or is this a scanning issue? I don't think it's a scanning issue because I scan my store developed negatives all the time and they almost always look very good. I've tried different scanner settings to no avail. I think I'm screwing up something in the developing phase. Any ideas for me?