If you've scanned b/w before then my initial reaction that it was a scanning issue is probably not the case. As the other folks said if you hadn't it still may be the settings. I doubt though it is the scanning issue I originally had which was a scanner that wasn't up to snuff for more than archival/social media type purposes (I've since replaced it with a scanner that is up to the task.)

I had issues with overly short fixing time and this doesn't look like that problem either. Are you sure the iso setting on your camera was correct for that film (just a thought...it's so easy to forget to change it when you load a new roll w/ a different ISO?) I'm curious too what your problem may have been. I agree with the suggestion of printing them analog (or are you able to do so?) If they print the same way that would rule out the scanner. Also have you looked at the negatives with a loupe or similar magnifying tool to see if they look grainy real close up??