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As a digiteer I find the overexposed sunshine top left area looks a bit odd and I wondered whether that was because I'm just not used to seeing how film (rather than digital) looks when it "blows out", or whether we're looking at a development issue.
Hard to see anything out of step on the upper left from the Thumbnail picture. The "unearthly glow" on the right is a bit of halation. (light bouncing around as it is too bright)

I would agree with the advice to use a "plain" developer to get the "feel" of the process. D76 AKA ID-11 is a bit of a standard, so many folks will have experiences to share with you. Kodak HC-110 or (Brand of teh day) Rodinal are also popular and easy to use as they both are a long lived concentrate that is diluted to use, {Rodinal is sometimes hard to identify in the store as the trademark has been locked out of play so the product is sold as different products names in different places, and is further confused as there are two slightly different formulas, a split dating to the separation of Germany into east and west. The consensus is that there is only a small practical difference between teh two versions))

One problem with Scans is that the computer will generally try to "fix" Brightness and contract for you so it is really hard to know if the negative is good or bad. Even unprintable Negatives can look good on the screen with "autoexposure" and "Gamma Correct" and such engaged in the scanning. I know I find it almost easier to spend the effort on a print, and then scan that to share.